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  • My Thoughts on “Lord Of the Flies”

    The post reflects my connection with “Lord of The Flies,” exploring the book’s themes, character dynamics, and the significance of broader insights drawn from the narrative. It delves into the impact of the story on personal introspection and its relevance in today’s world.

  • Is embracing child-like qualities enough for life?

    Discover the transformative potential of embracing child-like qualities. Explore the power of innocence, authenticity, and their impact on personal growth.

  • Jan 14, 2023 : Arugula vs Creosote

    They met a few hours ago. It was a botany workshop and the instructor shared some of her knowledge with the new class about different plants. It was a bit weird to hear one another’s characteristics and introduction from someone else. By the time the room was empty, every plant already knew everything about the…

  • Bye 2022: 30 things I believe are true

    Another year gone in a 🫰. The year I turned 30. Like most people my age (e.g. Lucile Randon), thought I should preach some.

  • September 18, 2022

    Just another random, incoherent blob of thoughts

  • A start-up?

    Finding love is like a startup: You don’t know if it is the one but you need to put your heart and soul into it. If you’re having backups, it’s going to shatter one day or another. You have enough contention and knowledge where it can go wrong, you still do it anyway. You will…

  • Saving soil to save our souls

    I came across this movement (Conscious Planet) last week. The aim is to make the human race conscious about saving the soil. It claims 52% of agricultural soil is already degraded. And it’s only a few hundred crop cycles before we will see a huge shortage of food in the whole world. I don’t want…

  • Money : a bunch of ironies

    For some reason, past few months (or years), I’ve been thinking and hearing a lot about and around money. Cryptocurrencies, stock market, taxation, inflation, deflation and what not! Definitely working from home (or rather not going out in the world) has been a huge factor, but a lot of credit goes to recent stocks/crypto trends.…

  • Is internet really going towards decentralization?

    I came across this article today. It said we are actually going towards centralised world on the internet. This came as a surprise to me given the cryptocurrency boom and decentralized applications scene. I was pretty sure we were moving towards decentralized world. But reading the article made me realise that they weren’t completely wrong.…

  • If 2018 = 14 + 12 + 1992, does 2018 exist?

    I know it’s pretty late night, but do you ever feel like your whole life is already lived? I mean, does it ever happen that this part of your life is already lived by your uncle x years ago, or the next steps you’re going to take is what your dad or grandfather did. And…