I had been planning to buy a domain name (other than the free ones I’ve had used) for a while now. It was a tough competition between what it would be around! I have had played many roles in my life even on the internet.

I have around 5+ blogs on my names about games, poems, technology, software engineering, and many more. 2 Youtube channels (that will remain anonymous). Multiple identities on the internet on different forums with accounts on 500+ websites around crypto, blogs, forums, money-earning (or at least claiming to be) websites, games, micro-blogging, social media, and many more.

I’ve heard people saying “Taking the first step is the hardest”. But I guess the below one makes more sense to me.

Starting something is easy, sustaining and finishing it is where you show who you really are.

After years of thoughts about what should I put on my website, I have concluded the following.

I don’t know. And I probably will never.

So, I just bought this domain name for the next 10 years (yes, you read it right! ) not knowing what I’d put here. All I do know is just what the first post (this being the 0th post) will be. That’d be about the process I went through to get this running.

Stay tuned …

until I get distracted by the next random thing.







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