On Gurupurnima

I know I don’t mention it a lot,
But in the ocean, if you observe this boat,
You’ll observe every section, each part,
is nothing but just pieces of great art.

Everyone knows a boat can never build itself,
It’d be just a fallen tree had it not gotten any help,
Maybe I’d have survived, but wouldn’t have reached this far,
Had I not been shaped, cut, pierced and lead by Northstar.

I’m sailing in the ocean, coz I have had many guides,
The sailors, explorers who’ve showered the knowledge of their rides.
I carry your blood, scent in each fibre, each line,
It’s all you and your work that is making me shine.

This boat is grateful, maybe just a little bit shy,
I’d tell you the reason, only if I had known why,
A ship always owes its life to the great builders it had,
My mere existence is proof of all the great teachers that I have had.







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