The Magical Touch

Your hands touched me, only to be followed by the kiss.
The one for whom I’d die, yes, you were the one, a bliss,

But nor did I think, my wish’d come true,
it just followed, and it wasn’t from a grue.

Hard as a stone, who once was so kind
declared dead, buried, and just left behind.

The world so dark, and broke from inside,
had to borrow the drops, cried in the backside.

every way I can try, to give fate the fight
dormant was I not, woke up by the light.

I now had one goal, to reach for the sky,
to look down on you, and not to retry.

Yes, they’re right, everything happens for a reason.
What you need to do, is just wait for your season.

Oh no! there you are, so long, the One
In your hand is now, my sweet li’l son.

Your hands touch him, will be followed by a kiss.







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