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  • September 18, 2022

    Just another random, incoherent blob of thoughts

  • If 2018 = 14 + 12 + 1992, does 2018 exist?

    I know it’s pretty late night, but do you ever feel like your whole life is already lived? I mean, does it ever happen that this part of your life is already lived by your uncle x years ago, or the next steps you’re going to take is what your dad or grandfather did. And […]

  • Right or wrong?

    Do you ever wonder what’s right and what’s wrong? Is providing free books to everyone right? Or is it wrong because you’re copying it from another book, you’re pirating someone’s work and giving it away for free? But what if the work was already pirated or copied from another book? Are the book hawkers selling […]

  • The Magical Touch

    Your hands touched me, only to be followed by the kiss.The one for whom I’d die, yes, you were the one, a bliss, But nor did I think, my wish’d come true,it just followed, and it wasn’t from a grue. Hard as a stone, who once was so kinddeclared dead, buried, and just left behind. […]

  • જિંદગી : શોપિંગ મોલ

    એવી તો ઝાકઝમાળ હતી, વેદનાથી આંખો વહેવા લાગે,અને પ્રવેશતાં જ ભૂલી જવાય, કે શું લેવા આવ્યા છીએ. અને જ્યારે મદહોશ મસ્તીનો નશો ઉતરે,ત્યારે ભાન થાય ,કે આપણે કોઈ ઉદ્દેશ સાથે આવ્યા હોઈશું, કયા? રામ જાણે! થાય જાણ કે, વીતતી પ્રત્યેક પળ સાથે મૂડી ખર્ચાતી જાય છે,ધારી લઈએ, બધા લોકોની જેમ જ, ખરીદી માટે આવ્યા છીએ. […]