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Right or wrong?

Do you ever wonder what’s right and what’s wrong?

Is providing free books to everyone right? Or is it wrong because you’re copying it from another book, you’re pirating someone’s work and giving it away for free?

But what if the work was already pirated or copied from another book? Are the book hawkers selling duplicate books doing the wrong kind of business? Or are the Xerox guys wrong who just provide copying as a service? But that does help their family survive.

Something as innocuous as teaching can also be considered bad if the student uses the knowledge for wrong purposes? Does this mean the teacher was an accomplice in students’ fraud/theft? It really does make things complex when you try the whole picture and how we, the cogs affect the system.

And it leaves me with one question, is there anything that I can do that won’t do any bad for anyone?

I probably know the answer, and probably you do too.

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