Is internet really going towards decentralization?

I came across this article today. It said we are actually going towards centralised world on the internet.

This came as a surprise to me given the cryptocurrency boom and decentralized applications scene. I was pretty sure we were moving towards decentralized world. But reading the article made me realise that they weren’t completely wrong. It mentioned how YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and few other websites are the only websites you’re aware of other than some other commercial ones, concluding we are moving towards centralised internet.

Website was a home

If you really think about the 90s everyone wanted to have their website and it had a home page. It was like your home so if somebody wants to visit you, they would come to your home and see what’s going and can take a look into your life but only as much as you want them to know.

Your homepage is your identity, and only people who are interested in your life will visit your page. Now with social media, we are connected with 1000s of accounts, so you don’t really have enough time to think about which homes you should visit, and you feel more connected to people who post frequently instead of the people who are (or used to be) closer to you. You probably end up knowing more about a celebrity’s life than what’s going on in your aunt’s life.

Here you are competing with 1000s of other feeds including pages and brands that paid money to get your loved ones’ attention. If your life is probably not as much happening, your post may not even reach them. Life isn’t all about posts. Plus you can’t really share everything as post, or always come up with cool captions.

Moving towards common marketplaces

So, instead of millions of homes, internet has become a marketplace where all we have are our profiles (shops) and we are just trying to get attention or just trying to send our updates to the world.

How many websites do you know that are someone’s personal homepage?

Our intent on the internet has changed from building our home to selling our shop.







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