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  • A start-up?

    Finding love is like a startup: You don’t know if it is the one but you need to put your heart and soul into it. If you’re having backups, it’s going to shatter one day or another. You have enough contention and knowledge where it can go wrong, you still do it anyway. You will […]

  • વસૂલ

    “લાઈટ ચાલુ રાખીને ક્યાં જતો રહ્યો? નથી દોડાતું હવે. સાઈઠ થશે હવે થોડા વરસ માં” “હા હવે, તો કોણ કહે છે દોડવાનું… કરી દઉં છું… બસ બે મિનિટ માટે ચાર્જર લેવા ગયો હતો. પણ દરેક સેકન્ડ વસૂલ કરવાની હોય ને આપણે. અને એટલું બધું બિલ ના આવે કઈ લાઈટનું.” “હા … હવે ઘરમાં બધા કમાનારા […]

  • Is internet really going towards decentralization?

    I came across this article today. It said we are actually going towards centralised world on the internet. This came as a surprise to me given the cryptocurrency boom and decentralized applications scene. I was pretty sure we were moving towards decentralized world. But reading the article made me realise that they weren’t completely wrong. […]

  • If 2018 = 14 + 12 + 1992, does 2018 exist?

    I know it’s pretty late night, but do you ever feel like your whole life is already lived? I mean, does it ever happen that this part of your life is already lived by your uncle x years ago, or the next steps you’re going to take is what your dad or grandfather did. And […]

  • New Year

    I witnessed the year passing by through the smoke clouds of a bonfire. I felt nothing less than a future seer, who can look into the future. I on the other hand didn’t have to worry about how I will face what I saw, for I had already been through it. I witnessed the logs […]

  • It’s hard. Still.

    It’s hard. Still. No matter how many years you’ve been away from your home, every time you leave your house it still hurts the same. Your heart is still as heavy as the first time you left so is your legs. Your throat is sore, all the water droplets in your body who once wanted […]

  • The purpose of life : Story

    Day 0 What am I doing? What’s the purpose of my life? If there does exist any creator, why did (s)he create the world in the first place? What’s the point of my job? Only a few people read my books, and I doubt even a single person will be aware that I existed. Well, […]

  • સૌથી મુશ્કેલ લડાઈ

    પહેલી વખત ગુજરાતમાંથી કોઈ વ્યક્તિ (એન્જીનીઅર),જોબ પ્લેસમેન્ટ માં દુનિયાની સર્વશ્રેષ્ઠ કંપની સાથે જોડાવા જઈ રહ્યો છે.બસ, આજે ખાલી છેલ્લી પસંદગી બાકી છે.જગ્યા એક છે , અને ઉમેદવારો બે છે,સમર્થ અને ધન્ય. હજુય યાદ છે કે બંને જણા પહેલી વખત પ્રાથમિક શાળામાં મળ્યા હતા,માસ બે માસમાં જ તો બન્ને ખાસ મિત્રો બની ગયા હતા.પછી તો જ્યાં […]