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If 2018 = 14 + 12 + 1992, does 2018 exist?

I know it’s pretty late night, but do you ever feel like your whole life is already lived?

I mean, does it ever happen that this part of your life is already lived by your uncle x years ago, or the next steps you’re going to take is what your dad or grandfather did. And while you know what the outcome was, you do it anyway. Because each possible option was tried by someone you know.

I know this is so cliche, but when you start seeing your life as part of the lives of your relatives, or people you’ve heard of/read about, there’s no going back.

Well, to answer my own question if 26 = 14 + 12, does 26 exist, or is it just summation of 14 and 12?

P.S. I’m currently trying to find what number of eigenvectors are enough to represent approximately my whole life till now. 🙈

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