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  • dumb random

    can anyone please explain it to me once, what is it that they mean by the word “distance”? is it what keeps the following words different? incident and murder, a lie, and pure innocence? tell me how distant is the day from the night? tell me how distant is the darkness from the light? isn’t […]

  • 7 things I learnt about life from my one-sided relationship with Software Engineering

    Think long term, but solve for the present. I think if you’re from the same background, you’d have heard the word over-engineering or overfitting (Data Science). I read as many articles and blogs on best engineering practices, new technologies, how to write good code before joining the first company. And, I worked on something where […]

  • Sometimes I wonder

    Sometimes I wonderwhat that time looked like.No weekdays, holidays or weekendsall days used to look alike. Play because you want to,Eat whatever you feel is right,Sleep when you feel tiredDon’t bother what hour of the night. Not worth missing dreamsjust coz you’ve playschool tomorrow,We’ll see, will cry it outif it brings nothing but sorrow. Sometimes […]

  • New Year

    I witnessed the year passing by through the smoke clouds of a bonfire. I felt nothing less than a future seer, who can look into the future. I on the other hand didn’t have to worry about how I will face what I saw, for I had already been through it. I witnessed the logs […]

  • It’s hard. Still.

    It’s hard. Still. No matter how many years you’ve been away from your home, every time you leave your house it still hurts the same. Your heart is still as heavy as the first time you left so is your legs. Your throat is sore, all the water droplets in your body who once wanted […]

  • Reasons to live

    Well, today on YourQuote, the challenge was to give your reasons to live. I still don’t know what “to live” means. I want to experience breathtaking moments before I take my last breath. I have no reason to not live. I want to see myself as a known great person before I die. I want […]

  • The purpose of life : Story

    Day 0 What am I doing? What’s the purpose of my life? If there does exist any creator, why did (s)he create the world in the first place? What’s the point of my job? Only a few people read my books, and I doubt even a single person will be aware that I existed. Well, […]

  • The Magical Touch

    Your hands touched me, only to be followed by the kiss.The one for whom I’d die, yes, you were the one, a bliss, But nor did I think, my wish’d come true,it just followed, and it wasn’t from a grue. Hard as a stone, who once was so kinddeclared dead, buried, and just left behind. […]